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    Slow Motion Footage Correction

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you have some footage that is a bit choppy/laggy ie the FPS isnt consistent or smooth when used as a slow motion shot is there some way of correcting this?

    I use a macbook pro with Final cut studio 3, I really want a crisp smooth slow motion shot but the footage is just to jumpy.

    Many thanks!

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    you could always try smoothcam in final cut. I have never used it for what you described on slow motion but you could try it. You can find it in effects under video. May take a little while to analyse depending on your macs power, I normally leave these things over night.

    Also, just make sure you have rendered everything and have nothing else running at the same time, I have had these issues before.


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    Thanks alot, i'll give that a go!


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