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    Image Based website

    Hello, my question is how to place an update in an image based website(designed in adobe photoshop). for example if a website is created and we want place a bar that the "competion has just begun".Any answers plz reply

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    Unfortunately there's no easy way to answer that and you won't like the answer I do have, but here it is anyway...

    For starters, an image-based website is generally a very bad idea unless you have a specific reason for going that way. The problem you have at the moment is just one of the many problems you'll have with it. Websites simply aren't supposed to be made in this way. It's okay to design a layout using Photoshop but the website itself should be HTML.

    Secondly, it's impossible to comment about your website without seeing it. Can you post the URL? We also need to know things like:
    - Do you still have the Photoshop master files?
    - Do you know how to open and edit them?
    - Do you know how to login to your website, upload files, etc?
    - What FTP and other web design software do you use?
    Dave Owen


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