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    CS4 Specs and The Right PC

    Hie guys and thank you so much for all the valuable information that you are always giving. I recently acquired Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. I noted that It needs a 3.4GHz processor to handle HDV and its the format that I work with the most. If I am to acquire a PC with a quad processor, how big must the processor be. I wanted to get an i7 machine but its beyond my pockets. Alternatively advise on the processor speed that I need to handle HDV flawlessly or a pre-built machine.

    Thank you all!

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    Well, "flawlessly" might be a big ask. I don't think the GHz spec is quite so relevant any more. I manage to edit HDV with a quad-core 2.83GHz/4GB RAM. It's not exactly "flawless" but overall it works fine. Simple editing is real-time and it's only when I pile on lots of layers and effects, or mix other formats in the same timeline, that I run into problems.

    In the end you can only buy what you can afford, so as long as it's a reasonably decent quad-core I reckon you'll be okay. In the worst case you can always work with proxy files for editing and replace them before rendering.
    Dave Owen


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