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    clipping from mics

    I just boiught some Kustom floor monitor speakers and when I wen to use them at certain louder volumes (turned the PA amp up) they started "clipping" and cutting out. is it a matter of the PA being too powerful for the speakers?

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    You woudn't want your amps max output to exceed the speakers max rating. I've never had clipping or distortion on any equipment by keeping to manufacturers recommendations. Check the spec.s

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    Those little Kustom's have really low power ratings. 120 watts max per box (or something like that.) I had a pair, and while I got many good years of them and they could sound pretty good, I knew that I had to be careful with powering them.

    A keyboard player of mine was using them with a Fender tube PA head (rated at about 100 watts RMS)... another guy came in to jam and cranked the keyboard... The result was my speakers blowing... They had never had an issue before, and he never offered to replace them....

    Specs on these are going to indicate that you can't really put a lot of power into them...


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