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    Adam McMillan

    Converting MXF back to MPEG-2

    We have just purchased a 360 Systems Video Server that holds over 110 hours of video for our LPTV television station. It has the ability to transfer all of its video files via FTP as .MXF files. How do you convert the MXF file back to MPEG2. We want to transfer them to our editing system for editing??

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    Another guest user

    I too would like to know a convenient and economical (read free) way to convert the 360 Systems MXF File back to an Mpeg2 file. I can export them from the server, but no player programs will recognize them. The playback functions and automation functions of this server are phenomenal for the price, now if it would only play well with others...

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    I haven't had much to do with MXF files so I can't speak with authority, but anyway...

    As I understand it the format is still quite new so not many existing edit suites will have support for MXF files. Lots of manufacturers are coming on board though and the future seems promising. It looks like the format will have wide compatibility within a couple of years.

    I did a quick search for things like "MXF Converter" and I did find a few applications which appear to do the job but I couldn't see anything for free. The freebies only seem to be able to view the file, not edit or convert it.

    Sorry I can't offer anything better or more concrete. If anyone does find a free converter please let us know - I think it would be popular information.
    Dave Owen


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