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    hyperlinking text or images

    Apparently the slice tool is what is used. I basically want to hyperlink certain text in my document and have the user be able to click on that section and have the site open in a web browser.

    Is this possible to do by creating a slice and then saving a jpeg? What format does it need to be saved in (save for web saves each slice as a different .gif). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hyper-link can be attached with right software to the open file (jpg, gif, etc) besides text. However email can be tricky because of the user's setting to disable hyper-links embedded in email. But when embedded in a Word or Excel document, there is no problem when it's been emailed.
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    arkay, are you wanting to create this link on a website or in an email?

    And by slice do you mean one (original) image, cut up into smaller parts?

    If so, then you can hyperlink these slices fine, if you know how to hyperlink a standard image.

    A rare method (and old, possibly out of date) is to use image maps. Look them up on W3 Schools.



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