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    Please review our site!!!!!

    Hi everyone !
    Please review've just set up my new tour site and wanted to know your opinion about it.It is the only independent tour company that offers Jewell Gardens and the Days of 98 Show with the White Pass Summit.
    The Days of '98 Show

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    I loved Skagway, obviously a beautiful town, and I loved what you had put in your pages; albeit, I will not criticize your site technically, since apparently it was made by disregarding all of everything I'm into..

    I'd like to answer your questions, though..

    No matter what, I would love to see Alaska - and showing some recent pictures from this time in the year would add another stunning effect.

    The wind effect on the wheat was lovely and creative..

    best regards;
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    Its nice. For the start you can keep it as it is but over the time, i think you need to work a bit more on the images as they don't give a too professional look. The animations no doubt are good but they seem fake.


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