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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 vs Final Cut Pro

    Hello guys. From the beginning of my editing career, I have always used Adobe products. My friend and I have opened a small production company and he suggests that we acquire Final Cut Pro but he is also Adobe centered. What are the advantages that Final Cut Pro have over Premiere. We dont wanna make unnecessary acquisitions. We have recently won a contract to re-brand a television networking programme.

    In your opinion would you say Premiere is better or Final Cut is better. Your wise and excellent scrutiny is always appreciated.

    Thank You All.

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    I'm interested in the replies to this too - I've got an opportunity to buy a Mac G5 with a ton of Apple editing software on (FCP 6, plus all the addons like Colour, Compressor etc). For a non-Mac/FCP, this is extremely tempting because it's at an extremely low price.

    I'm also an Adobe man, so I'm weighing it all up too.

    I've heard from many people that FCP is really intuitive, and that if you know Premiere well, FCP will be a breeze to use.

    I think the main advantage FCP has is a better workflow - a lot of the functionality is simplified into different programs - in Premiere (my understanding is that) if you want to apply colour grading (etc) to a whole sequence, you have to do it clip-by-clip (so I've never done this because it would take too long), but from what I've read about 'Colour', it basically does the whole thing according to your spec, which appears to be a lot better.

    Anyway, I'd like to hear what everyone has to say :-)

    Nice work on the TV contract :-D


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    Well I am PC based so FCP is not an option. I tried to get Adobe Premier to edit video for maybe 6 years. An number of my friends/coworkers are pros, the all said "throw away Adobe, buy Apple and FCP. After a disaster last September, losing over a hundred hours of work, last month I switched to Sony Vegas 9.0 and have almost mastered everthing I was able to do in Premier before the disaster. And there is much more to be learned and accomplished in Vegas


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