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    Panasonic AG-HMC81

    Panasonic has released the updated version of their HMC81 (of particular note to Chris, who owns one of the initial range).

    Factsheet available here:

    In terms of price, it's expected to be under 2500, which is $3900, A$4350, 3000.


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    Hi James

    Ta!! I have actually seen the brochure when it was released in May ... It has some nice features and some no so nice features!!!
    It's going to use the HMC40 imaging system but will retain the 70's audio system. It has CMOS chips now but I suppose that everyone will be going that route anyway in the future. The manual lens controls are useful and you do get a bigger choice of formats. At the moment I shoot in HD but transcode the footage back to SD as my clients seem reluctant to buy a BD player!!! The new series can actually shoot in SD as well which might be useful!!!

    The only issue so far is the hinge on the LCD/EVF which has to be re-designed ... I presume it will be done in time for the USA release in September???

    Price forecasts are pure fantasy at this stage!!! We have the HMC72 here with variations from AUS$4400 down to AUS$2800 .... buying from local dealers is very costly ..I imported both my cams from GlobalMedia Pro in New Zealand and paid the tax/duty when they landed and saved around $1K per unit!!!

    Keeping an eye on them when they arrive



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