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    SONY Z1 and a CANON 7D video cameras: which is which?

    I have an option of buying either a SONY Z1 and a CANON 7D video cameras for business purposes, including the shooting of musicals, documentaries, short films, weddings and so on. But the problem is that i don't know which one i should settle for.
    Then again, does anyone know how much a 7d canon cameras cost?

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    Personally, I'd say go for the Z1, but it depends on the relative costs between both in your country.

    A 'proper' camera will give you more functions and settings than a stills-come-video camera, albeit a very nice one.


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    Thanks Lake. I've already made up my mind to get the Z1 but im thinking of buying it from outside Nigeria in order to cut costs. My headache now is where to get it from and in this age of online fraud, im afraid. Any advice?

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    7D (if it's not too late!)

    I have used both the Z1 and the Canon 7D. Believe me, the Z1 can't hold a candle to the 7D! The footage from the 7D is far superior (just google test footage from the two cameras to see for yourself). The 7D is also just as customizable as a Z1 because it is not a low grade point and shoot, this is a high grade camera with very high quality lenses (far and above what the Z1 can offer) that you can switch out easily and inexpensively. It also shoots at a higher resolution than the Z1 does. Just, all around, a much better camera.


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