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    Are you using SDHC cards for HDV/HD acquisition?

    If you are, have you ever had a problem with an SDHC card?

    The reason I ask is that I have used SD cards in stills cameras. On more than one occasion (four or five if I remember correctly) I have had a problem with a corrupted file despite the card showing no sign of a problem until I tried to copy the files to a PC. After formatting the card it worked okay again for quite a while but then without warning it has happened again. This has happened on more than one card and more worryingly on more than one camera. These are cameras I only use for holiday, days out etc. so neither the cards nor the cameras are overworked. It's making me nervous about relying solely on a card when shooting unrepeatable video footage; the odd photo I can manage without but not someone's wedding ceremony.

    It seems that everyone that is selling the media/recorders are saying that they aren't aware of anyone having had a problem but I'm still sceptical about any media being 100% problem free. I have worked on tape from Umatic through Hi8 to DVCAM and have had problems with glitches and damaged tape but I've never had a total lost, I've always been able to get to the majority of the recording and even repaired shots frame by frame in Photoshop.

    I'm just wondering if anyone in the real world of video capture has had any problems with cards and/or have a workable contingency plan if things go wrong. I am currently piggy-backing onto an SxS back on the camera.

    Am I being too apprehensive ?

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    Hi George

    Yep!!! I switched to SDHC from tape in August last year (very, very nervously!!!) and since then I have probably done 30 shoots to date and not even a glitch!!!

    Most cams have a "repair" facility for the card where it will try to correct any errors. I dunno about other brands but my HMC Panasonics will actually stop recording and finalise what has already been shot if it spots a card error. That way it's much the same as tape as you don't lose what's already shot!!

    It's a lot cheaper too!! Even with MiniDV I was using bulk Pro tapes at $70 per box of 10 and using maybe 4 per wedding (almost $30) You can buy a brand new SDHC 8 GB card here for just a little more so you can safely replace cards every few weddings for far less money. I rotate 6 cards and use usually 2 per wedding (sometimes 3 x 8GB) and the 6 I have collectively have already shared 8 months of use. I'll probably retire them over Winter here and grab 6 new ones but physically they are still good and according to the specs are good for 100,000 insertions!! 40 shoots on tape would set me back close to $1200!! Over a season if I replace all 4 cards twice it's a mere $400!!! Big saving and not really even necessary.

    If you do shoot on card remember to format the card ONLY in the camera!! Directly after a shoot I pop each card into my reader on the 'puter and copy the HD files immediately to my USB drive as a backup!!



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