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    Avoiding Bandwidth wastage - how?

    I use a low-cost shared hosting for my website and want to add a few .flv videos as well. My monthly bandwidth is only 2gb and am wondering:
    Let's say someone clicks on the video file (5 minutes long, 20mb), it starts playing and downloading. Let's say the person gets bored, stops it and goes on to to some other site. I am positive that the video file will still continue to download because I tried this experiment at youtube.

    However, it is a waste of my precious bandwidth because the entire 20mb will then be taken into calculation for the monthly bandwidth limit, right? Is there some way to avoid this?

    I would appreciate any advice, thanks so much.

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    Hi allie,

    When you say 'stops' it, do you mean pressing pause on the player interface, or closing the window/tab etc?

    If it's the former, then it will indeed carry on downloading. An online (streaming) video must download content (aka buffer) to be able to play it, much like a car has to be filled with petrol before it goes on a journey. It's not possible, as far as I know, just like streaming video, to fill a car up as it is moving (or playing, in the case of the video).

    You could, if you wanted, compress your videos into a ZIP file, and get people to download them, and watch them offline.

    This would be better because they only need to get the file once, plus they can share the videos easier (if that is what you want - I'd add a watermark or something so that you retain some protection over them).

    Some media players allow users to select how much to buffer before playing, but this isn't really relevant to you.


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