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    EOL for the classic player

    Say it isn't so Dave! Why?! I have fallen in love with this player!

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    Unfortunately I'm not Dave, but it is indeed EOL (End Of Life) for the classic player.

    I'd assume it's because it's got so many bugs in it that time would be better spent working on the newer version.


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    One of the main reasons is that it's written in Actionscript 2, which is far inferior to AS3, and converting the old player directly is impractical. It's also true that the player still has bugs and many unfinished features (I never even finished the design properly), and fixing them all would be too time-consuming. As James implied, it would be more efficient to build the new version from the ground up.

    Unfortunately, with the latest blows to the Flash video format, the wisdom of continuing with the new version is highly questionable as well - it looks like HTML5 will do the same job without requiring Flash at all. I'm going to be posting an update soon.

    If it's any consolation (probably not), this whole situation breaks my heart too.
    Dave Owen


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