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Thread: Another newby.

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    Another newby.

    Hi. I'm new here having found the forum when looking for some HD video advice. It looks as if I've met a knowledgeable, interesting and friendly group. So I've just posted this to say hi and I hope that I'll be able to contribute so of my limited knowledge, tips and experience of working with video for 20 years when it'll be useful.
    I don't profess to be a 'professional' in the sense that my knowledge has not come from formal study/qualification but from working experience, shooting for local business, charities and community, some musicians and of course weddings, and working with and talking with others in various aspects of the video production industry. That said I have been making my (very modest) living from video production for 20 years.


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    Hi George, big welcome to the forum (sorry it's a bit late).

    Surviving in the business for 20 years obviously means you're doing something right and I'm sure others can benefit from your experience. I think most "professionals" here would agree that formal qualifications aren't critical (I certainly hope so - my only formal qualification is being a registered nurse!). In the end it's the job you do and the passion you bring to it that counts.
    Dave Owen


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