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    Software for Business Management etc

    Just curious as to what software/web services you use to organise yourself/your projects.

    I use Thunderbird for email, Google Calendar for events and To Do list, my iPhone for contacts etc, and that's pretty much it.


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    GMail & Google Docs, Google Calendar with Tasks, MYOB for accounts (although we're looking at Xero). as backup but rarely used.
    For project management I used to use the Project Tools module that came with the vBulletin forum software. Unfortunately they dumped it and now I don't have anything dedicated to project management so it's back to text files.
    Dave Owen

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    gmail works well for me and have all production team members there working on the same doc, use Micro soft Project Management,
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    I prefer Thunderbird for email, mozilla browser, and although I use windoze XP I have a thing for linux.
    Basically I try to avoid micro$oft products if at all possible - most likely because i have an aversion to huge corporations, but also because I believe they are more susceptible to viruses etc due to large distribution and usage.
    Not entirely logical I know, but there you go :-)


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