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    Thumbs up Film the talent. win a prize! Buskers competition

    R&R World Arena is hosting a brand new competition centered around street musicians, also known as buskers. Submit your video of a busker you have seen perform in the streets, subway stations or parks. The users of Arena World will then vote on their favorite videos, and prizes are to be won!

    - Video uploads begin on the 1st of April (this is no joke!)
    - Voting starts on the 11th of April
    - The first winner will be announced on the 30th of April

    Submissions that do not win will stay in the competition, as a new round begins every month. And yes, votes are always saved, there is no starting over each month!

    Prize: New Digital Video Camera

    Competition link

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    Quick Question - on the link, it says that voting begins also on 1st April - which is correct?


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