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    I am new to this forum. It is very informative. Thank you!

    I have links on my website that open quicktime movies. I have a link to one Quicktime movie (which is a movie someone created right off footage they captured). When this link is selected the movie begins to play AS IT DOWNLOADS. I have another link to a Quicktime movie that was created by me using Quicktime Pro to convert it from MPEG to .MOV; This movie will not play until it fully downloads despite the fact that the javascript link I created is setup exactly the same as the other. Is there anyway to get it to do the same as the other?

    Here is a link to the sample page:

    If you click on the dial up quicktime connection you will see how it works. If you click on the highspeed quicktime connection you will see how it doesnt work. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Sorry, I couldn't actually get either of them to work.

    I think it would be an idea to try it without the JavaScript at first. I think there are a few potential problems creeping in with the script and it's complicating the issue. For example, the "%20" in the following code doesn't look good:
    <a href="javascript:location='videoclips.htm';'demo56.htm' ,'characters','Height=220,Width=340')">

    I would try linking each clip to a page of it's own with the embedded video clip. Once you get that working okay you can worry about popup windows (although it's debatable whether popups are a good idea at all).

    I did manage to get a bit of a look at the demo clip though - by manually creating the correct URL from your JavaScript. It looks good .
    Dave Owen


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