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Thread: my resume reel

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    my resume reel

    Hey guys I'm new been doing TV for about 5 years now. Anyway I made a website with my resume and demo and stuff and I was looking for some feedback about any or all of it. thanks!

    here's the link:

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    Nice site - like your showreel too. The reporter's voice is brill too, for someone from the UK :-)

    Reminds me that I need to get my showreel done ASAP!


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    Nice work, straight to the point and shows what you can do well. If I was to be picky I'd say the audio levels could be balanced between stories a little more closely, and a couple of the audio transitions were slightly rough. Nothing serious but it's the little things that do get noticed. Also, I'd consider putting your job/skillset as a title on the video as well as the web page. I think it's a good idea to assume the video will be seen by itself without the web page, and it's also good to make it clear exactly what you did on those stories.

    Solid effort though - it should certainly be enough to get you taken seriously. Good luck.

    @James: Yep, we're waiting
    Dave Owen

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    thanks guys...I want to eventually move up to a major US market. Everything is always rushed where I work so its rare I get to put together a quality piece thanks for the input and any more would be appreciated


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