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    Progressive vs interlaced.

    Can someone tell me which quality is better comparing progressive and interlaced at the recording stage? I mean while shooting material on to tape with any camera.

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    Well it depends on what format you'll be outputting it to in the end - if you shoot the same format as you'll be exporting as, that will result in a better quality, because it won't be reprocessed as many times.

    At a consumer level, 1080p is deemed to be higher quality, but I think if you look from the industry side, interlaced is the main format.

    Also, I think that Premiere Pro (if you use that program) automatically interlaces footage when you import it, although don't hold me to that.

    (I think I'm wrong about some of this, so if Dave or Chris could reply you'll be helping me too!)


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    Progressive is probably a good option if you are shooting in HD and outputting in SD. That way, interlacing lines are not compromised when the video is resized from 1440x1080 down to 720x576. However I personally shoot interlaced as it handles motion a bit better. I have no idea about Adobe products ..I only use Sony Vegas to edit but I doubt whether any decent NLE would add interlacing at the input!!! Most will add interlacing at the output when you render out to your SD MPEG2 ready for a DVD.



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