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    Panasonics new Event Camera

    Hi All

    For those doing event videography Panasonic has a new shoulder-mount cam out in September the HMC80 (I have the HMC72's) Rather neat but they have now gone for 3MOS chips although at 3megapixels they will image well!! Neat features so far are the ability to shoot in SD or HD, the same case as the older model complete with XLR audio but some added features are a forus/zoom/iris ring on the lens, plus a manual iris on the barrel too so you can adjust iris and focus at the same time without the menu!

    It records AVCHD at 25mps in 6 different formats (interlaced and progressive) and can do 10 megapixel stills!!! What is rather unique is that Panasonic has moved the LCD behind the EVF so you can either use the eyepiece or just flip it up and use the LCD. RRP is expected to be around $2800 which is great too!!! My next cameras if I can get my head around the 3MOS sensors!!!

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