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    Happy Birthday to Dave

    It's Dave's birthday today, so leave your comments in this thread if you have any to make! I'll leave it up to Dave to decide whether he wants to disclose his age or not :-)

    In case you're new to the forum, basically this entire site wouldn't be here without him. He's the one that's written those great tutorials you can find at the top of the page, and he's also the one that has lost a great deal of hair battling the spammers ;-)


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    Thanks James, from an ancient-feeling 44-year-old. I was hoping to do a bit more catching up today before I go away for a few days but it looks like I've run out of time. I just figured I'd better reply to this thread before I go

    I'll try my best to keep in touch and answer a few emails while I'm away.
    Dave Owen

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    Happy Birthday Dave

    Have a great break too!!!


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    Hi Dave, just popped in again, I missed your birthday by a couple of days but hey ho. Happy birthday and thanks for a great knowledgeable site.



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