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    effective use of the di box

    am using a passive di box for my keyboard and eventhough i switch the ground lift on i still hear this high frequency hissing sound. what can i do about it. is it also because the balanced cable i send from the di box to the mixer board us too long?

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    The ground lift is to prevent 50Hz (in Ghana) AC hum from a ground loop, it usually has no effect on high frequencies. If you have a balanced line from the DI box to the mixer, length is probably not a problem - balanced lines can run hundreds of feet.

    If the high frequency noise is a single frequency, something is generating a strong signal and it's getting into the system. If it's wideband noise, that is, hiss, it's originating in the keyboard or mixer. Every electronic circuit generates hiss. Whether it is audible or not depends on whether the signal level has dropped too low at some point in the signal chain, requiring excessive gain to restore normal levels.

    Thus the first thing is to tell us whether the noise is a single high-frequency tone or whether it's hiss.


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