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    Giveaway - Video Backgrounds

    The nice folks at Footage Firm have sent me a bunch of video backgrounds as part of a giveaway promotion. If you'd like some new backgrounds for your library, here's a deal you won't see very often - just pay the postage and the DVDs are yours free. Have a look at what's on offer here:

    Footage Firm Video Background Giveaway
    Dave Owen

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    Looks good Dave!!!
    That includes overseas requests too????? If so that's a bargain. Unfortunately no use for my weddings as the trend of using ani-backs for wedding videos has gone out of vogue. For any other use, you certainly cannot beat the price!!!


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    Aloha and Mahalo

    For providing this information, I had seen this somewhere else and was not sure it was a legitimate company. I ordered 2, but what I am not sure of is how to use the background loops. From my other posts you know that I am a new video editor.


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    Hi Eric

    It's simply a short video clip so treat it as such. Drop it into the timeline in Vegas and that's it!! It's basically an animated still image that can also loop so if you need it longer than the actual clip..just drag it longer on the timeline and it will repeat itself. You can then add a new video track above the clip and put your text and you have a title over an animated background.


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    Quote: ChrisHarding
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    Hi Eric

    It's simply a short video clip so treat it as such. Drop it into the timeline in Vegas and that's it!!

    Aloha went to try that this morning an I must not understand somthing. How do I get the loop from the supplied disk into Vegas itself.

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    Aloha Eric

    You will need to copy the clip from the disk onto your computer somewhere then import the clip by using the Project Media tab...once it appears there THEN you just drag it into the timeline. If the loop is too short for your title, simply drag the event to make it longer and it will then repeat itself.


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    Mahalo Chris

    Should shoot myself never thought of coping the files to the HD, just asssumed I could import the clip I wanted from the distrobution disk.

    Aloha and Again Mahalo(Thank You)

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