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    red flashes in Premiere CS3, can't change data rate

    Hi everyone

    I know that other people have had this problem with red flashes when exporting from Premiere CS3, but none of the solutions posted here and in other forums have solved my problem.

    The main suggestion seemed to be to change the data rate, but in the export dialogue box that option is greyed out. I'm using mpg's from a hard-drive camera (i.e. no tapes, no memory card) and I hear these cause problems anyway, but does anyone know any other options I could try?

    It occurred to me that it might be some discrepancy between the fps of the mpg's and the fps that it's exporting - it's set at 25 fps in the export dialogue box, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that the actual fps of standard footage is something odd like 24.9 - so presumably then the red flash might be the missing 0.1 filled in? (sorry if this sounds stupid, I'm not that technically minded).

    A technician at my college suggested converting the files to AVI before importing them for editing, but when I've tried to do that in RAD video tools the AVIs won't play (I'm trying to convert them uncompressed). I think I might need another codec - anyone know?

    Thanks for any pointers anyone can give me, I'm pretty desperate coz this is for my final show at uni in 3 weeks time and the technician guy is now nowhere to be seen!


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    Hi syncho,

    These red flashes - are they consistently every second? Or are they every so often, perhaps randomly? If it's the latter, I'd say you have dodgy tapes (I've had this issue before with the flashes being random, and it's been the tapes 9/10 times).

    If it's consistently, then it does indeed sound something similar to what you've diagnosed yourself. Try changing the output format to something else, and that should give you the option to try it at 25 fps. Just try doing it for a few seconds of your video (perhaps 10 or 30 seconds), rather than doing the whole video, to save you some time.



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