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    Sony HVR-HD1000p, help me to copy video by i.LINK cable

    Dear all,

    I've bought new Sony HVR-HD1000p camcorder and I'm beginner.
    I don't know how to copy movies from HDV mini tape to my computer.
    I use Sony Vegas pro 9, i.LINK cable.
    My computer have IEEE 1394 adapter but It not recognize the camcorder when I plus i.LINK in.
    Thanks so much!

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    Wish I could remember where it was, but when I first switched to SV9 it did not control my Sony HD camera. A setting that the program remembers got me in operation.

    Hopefully someone here "knows" what I did 2 months or so ago.

    Good Luck

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    What you must always do to avoid frying the firewire ports is :

    (1) Make sure the camera AND the computer are off!!!!!!!
    (2) Connect the camera i-Link cable to your computer's firewire port
    (3) Start the computer up and when everything is ready turn the camcorder on in playback mode

    If the computer does not recognise that there is an external device added then you need to look at your 1394 ports and
    make sure that they are working. Once that's OK you can capture from your favorite NLE

    If it still doesn't recognise the camera then we will probably need to know what operating system you are running and also if the IE1394 port is an add-on card or built-in.

    James here uses an HD1000 so he can help as well. However your OS details might be a good start!!


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    Dear Sir,

    Thank you!
    I do as your guide but It don't work.
    My OS 's windows xp sp3. My laptop is Dell Inspiron 1525, built-in IEEE1394 port.
    -Normaly, in Device manager display IEEE 1394 bus host controller and 1394 Net Adapter
    1394 Net adapter always display connected although I don't plug any cable.
    When I plug i.LINK in, camera viewfinder display HDVin i.LINK and DVout i.LINK(play) on the right.
    But the computer don't recognize anything.
    Vegas media capture display "Device not availeble".
    When I uninstall IEEE bus host and restart, windows auto detect and install driver again.
    I don't know what problem. Maybe my built-in IEEE card doesn't work.
    I also connect to another laptop(Dell Studio) using windows 7, but nothing appear in Device manager.
    IEEE bus is the same as win xp.
    Any experiences, please help me.
    Thanks so much! Best regards!
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    Sorry there's been a delay in getting a reply to your message - I'm in the middle of exams right now!

    When I plug my camera into my PC, it usually just works, however, sometimes it doesn't pick it up right away. It shouldn't make any difference, but I happen to use a 4 pin to 6 pin cable (i.e. 'small to big'), just purely because that's what my desktop accepts.

    Have a look in the manual at pages 74 onwards, and also at 80 to 82 (as mentioned below). If still no luck, try the following:

    1. Ensure your camera is plugged in power-wise, or has a long time left on it's battery.
    2. Switch your camera to the Play setting (where you can watch recorded footage back, not the 'record' setting) <- I'm assuming you want to get footage you've previously recorded onto your computer?
    3a. Plug the Firewire (IEEE1394/i.LINK) cable into your camera, then into your computer. Wait a few seconds, see if anything 'pops up'. If it does, great. If not, try switching your camera off, and back on again (same setting as before). Again, wait a few seconds to make sure.
    3b. Usually when you plug a new device into your computer, it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes to install what we call drivers, little bits of software that enable your computer to talk to the camera correctly. If you've previously seen this happen, or you now see it happen when going through the above, this means that the connection is working correctly.

    We can assume that your Firewire port/card should be working OK, as the OS detects and installs the drivers for it. If the camera also works fine when recording, and you can watch video back on the camera 'natively', then the camera should also be OK.

    If nothing is working, try the following:

    - Try resetting your camera back to the default settings
    - Try a new firewire cable
    - Try a different computer other than the two you have tried
    - Try any other firewire device in the port and see if it works
    - Have a look in the manual at pages 80 to 82, and try the other suggestions there.

    If it still doesn't work after all of that, and Windows doesn't detect your camera, you could well have a faulty camera.

    The end!

    Good luck!



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