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    Hi paxson.
    I think you need to make some sort of a business plan rather than asking random questions which nobody can really answer without knowing your circumstances.
    These are the questions you need to address, and only you can answer them; I'm not expecting you to reply to them on this forum.

    How much money do you have, how much can you raise in addition? You may start with the minimum of equipment but you will have to expand and be covered for the inevitable breakdown/loss etc. You can have the best wish list but it's no good if you can't afford any of it, or quickly replace it if necessary.
    If you raise capital how will you repay it?

    How will you obtain work? Do you already have contacts and prospective clients? Do you belong to a club or school that puts on events, do you know people who are getting married etc?
    How will you build you client list? Advertise, if so where: local publications, trade/specialist publications, internet, make direct cold calls, distribute flyers?
    Have you costed any of these?

    Have you tested your market? Have you contacted others in your area who are doing similar work to check the volume of work they get, or ask to sub-contract from them to get a track record. DO you have any work of sufficient commercial worth and technical skill to show to prospective clients? Many, especially business clients will want to see examples of what you are capable of.

    How will you price your work? Do you have any idea what people will pay in your area.

    Do you have any idea of the time involved in editing event type video? Will you have the free time available to complete work in a timely manner?

    I don't say this in order to dampen your enthusiasm as I started my business on no more that an enthusiasm for video but I know many people who have spent a lot of their hard earned money and ended up with a room full of expensive dust collectors. I'd hate to advise on a specific piece of equipment would not be right for you.

    I have had to survive some very thin periods or work without income for some months but fortunately my circumstances allowed me to ride out the lean times.

    Offered in a spirit of realistic hepfulness.

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    Excellent advice too!!

    Most people fail to look at the business side of things. Your market is absolutely critical. No sense in sitting at home with $20,000 of video gear and no work cos the market is either saturated or non-existant. I mean your wouldn't expect to get wedding video business in an old age home would you??

    Decide what you are good at and then go out and see if a market actually exists for your skills... you might have to change your product to suit your market!!

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    Goodday house,
    i would like to know what exactly do i need to start a videocoverage business.
    -The camcorder spec,(type,make)
    -The computer spec,
    -The editing Software.and some other necessary things u think i should know.

    N.B - My budget is very low.(cos as a beginner)

    Hoping for your quick response.


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    Hi ,

    It depends with what you want to do a list of equipment include,

    Video camera- for me i go for the new Panasonic AGHMC40- allows SDHC or AGHMC 150 cards recording or for any other SONY HD
    Corel photo and video bundle suite editing software
    Shotgun mics
    Wireless mic(transmitter and reciever) e.g audio technica
    A cheap Jib mostly for wedding and event Videography
    shoulder mount stabilizer

    the laptop must have atleastthe following

    Window 7- 64 bit
    4GB ram
    500GB HDD
    1GB graphics card
    DVD or Blur ray burner

    All this depends on your budget .

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    Just marking for future viewing.
    I'm interested in the information being shared here as I too would like to start a videography business with much practice...

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