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    subwoofer 8ohms with daisy chain speakers

    Hi Team. I have a passive Fender 12" subwoofer 8ohm and two Peavey PR NEO 12" 8ohms, with an 802 mixer.
    I want to buy the correct amplifier for them
    The guy that sell them to me, connected them to only one amplifier,
    daisy-chain the two Peaveys to one channel, and the subwoofer to the other channel.
    From what I read, one channel was in full 8ohms and the other in 4ohms.
    Can I use this setup, or there is any disadvantage on this.? Is there any damage to the amplifier running one channel in 4ohms and the other in 8omhs? What will be the most innexpensive setup.?
    Joseph , Puerto RIco

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    I tried to Google the stuff, and I haven't been too successful. You didn't mention what amp you're using.

    In general, assuming the amp can drive 4-ohm speakers, it will not hurt the amp if you load one channel with 4 ohms and the other with 8 ohms. A modern amp doesn't care what load it's driving as long as the impedance is not too low.

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