Dear :

I know all of you are doing video
but I really can't see many director posting on Video mixing during consert

here we can talk about the Video Mixer experince

Normally for small occasion I will use 5 cam for SEG

1) for the close up (VX2100)
2) left stage (DVX100B)
3) right stage (DVX100B)
4) Back .(VX2100)
5) Wide Top (VX2000)


6) Standalone .. ( this is for backup .. the place that the Live Cam cannot reach)
As a backup if any problem with the

I am using the tally light for all the cam
but I am trying to pull another cable for SEG preview to all the cam
still finding small LCD .. ( so that cAMERA mAN MAY KNOW WHAT 

And FOr the SOund .. Noramlly I will not come from main mix
I prefer to take another mixer ..

Then My Cam left and Cam right .. is Connected will Audio .. to
my sub mixer .. that means 1 source from the main sound mixer
the cam L and cam R have another Sound..

Then I can switch my Cam sound All the way high without scare of haming
this .. to take the enviroment .. sound during Consert.

Do u guys have any Video Mixer experince ..