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    Converter flv video and allows to add a subtitle

    I need a program which can convert my flv video to avi format and also allows me to add a
    subtitle on the screen.(Best supports .srt, .ssa, etc. subtitle formats) Is there such kind of program?

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    Use avidemux to convert your flv to avi, then use virtualdub to encode your subtitles using appropriate filter (textsub imho). If avidemux fails, use ffmpeg to demux video and audio and convert your video to xvid (or mp4/h264) with subtitles under virtualdub. Finally, reencode your avi as flash.
    Two options:
    - flv1 (sorenson) with avidemux
    - flv h264 with wfw x264(output as file instead of wfw under the x264 codec!) under virtualdub (sound is lost so it has to be muxed after with ffmpeg).

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    Well, I usd RZ DVD Creator add srt subtitles on my wmv videos and convert to video dvd format, so maybe you can have a try, hope it could help you.

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