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    Using a Microphone via vehicle MP3 jack

    I'm looking for a way for people who are at the back of my van to hear what i'm saying up front. Wondering if I plug a hands-free mic into the mp3 jack in the van... would that work?
    or what may be some other solutions?

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    Probably not. The MP3 jack is a line level input. A microphone will not put out enough voltage, plus most such mics require DC power. That's the reason computers have separate pink and blue jacks for line and mic inputs.

    A clumsy but workable method would be to get a flea-power FM transmitter and use the vehicle's FM receiver. Otherwise, you will need a battery-operated preamp to boost the mic to line level.

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    not sure what you mean by a battery-operated preamp. was thinking something like iKaraoke might work. any thoughts about that?

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    Looks like it might work. The specs say, right there, it puts out line level and works off the DC available from a port.


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