Hey everyone, here's another contest for you!

With the growth of digital/social media, today our 'personal connections' can include our family, our friends, our favorite barista, and even our ex-neighbor's dog. How are trends in digital/social media impacting your life? This radical interactive exhibition is now accepting work that discusses and provokes questions about our changing approach to notions of privacy and personality in a digital age. This exhibit is produced by Razorfish, an acclaimed digital advertising agency with clients like Best Buy, Microsoft, MillerCoors and Nike, and will be shown at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the most prestigious advertising event in the world.

As a finalist, your short video (15-60 seconds) and/or graphic design, photography or print work will be mashed up as part of a pioneering experiment in real-time crowd-sourced collaboration. In addition to being featured on a global stage in a winnerís display at Cannes Lions, opportunities such as a portfolio review with a Razorfish creative director will be made available to you. Three creators will also receive a copy of the Microsoft Expression Studio 3 creative suite (and a free upgrade to Studio 4 when itís released).

The competition, creative brief, and detailed submission requirements are hosted on Zooppa, a community of independent creative professionals, at http://zooppa.com/contests/razorfish-cannes-lions. The contest ends on 6/21.