Hi All,
I am a rookie attempting a pro A/V setup for a private cinema (mini hall)
A similar hall which i studied for reference had the following setup:
1) 7 speakers: Control-25AV JBL
2) 1 Active Sub JBL
3) 4 amps crown XLS-602 driving them as per below:
amp:1 RF, LF
amp:2 CS(center), Sub-woofer
amp:3 RS(Right surround) LS (left surround)
amp:4 RS LS
4) 1 media server box
5) Could not see any sound processor so i guess dolby decoding would be in-built in the server

A 5000 lumens DLP darckchip projector of some unknown brand (no issues there)

The effect was complete in all respects with all vocals , lows and highs being reproduced perfectly (to my untrained ear ofc)
All i need is a confirmation from you pros whether this is a workable solution and what configuration i should do to make all the vocals, highs, lows and mids reproduce perfectly. Do i add a Dolby process for it ? if yes then which one ?

Please Help