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    Indoor Video Shoots

    Hi there,

    I have been reading the forum and there is lots of valuable information on this website! We are starting a new company shooting [indoor] content. I would like to know some information if possible, so if we do hire someone to shoot the content then I have a little understanding as well.

    - What would you recommend as the best camcorder to use for indoor shoots?
    - What video editing software would you recommend?
    - Reading through this website I have seen alot of UK people talk about PAL??
    - When recording on the camcorder, what do you record it onto?

    I am also very interested in being tutored for Videography, if anyone can offer these services please can you send me your prices etc...

    Many thanks
    Lauren Jones

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    Hi Lauren

    A little more information would be helpful in answering your questions...things like what are you shooting indoors, can you use lighting, what is the intended destination of the end product? web, DVD ????
    I assume you are in the UK?? so all cameras in the UK will be PAL format to match your TV system. NTSC is used only in the USA and Japan


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    Apparently the original post was edited to remove certain keyphrases that we automatically block. Let's just say the content involves shooting people indoors and there will be lots of "skin tone". If you get my drift
    Dave Owen


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