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    streaming liko youtube


    wanted to ask if you know what media server software youtube use for their video

    i am looking for a solution that combine streamin with progressive download


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    I don't know but I assume they have a custom solution - I doubt whether you'd be able to buy the same server setup that YouTube uses. If you have a decent budget, the Adobe Flash Media Server is a standard high-end streaming solution. For a cheaper option we went with Red5 which works well enough.
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    try xmoovstream, seems to be an opensource streaming solution (I have not yet tested).

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    I assume there is no other opensource solution for streaming than using the rtmp protocol and the only opensource server that handles it, is red5 (java based)...If you want an opensource integration of it on php, there is kaltura. I know lighhttpd has a streaming capabilities too with a module. I tried xmoovstream php but as I can't read current player's position and offset with my Dave's favorite player (see my moves in this forum) and wonder how to deal with it for now, I am stuck.


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