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Thread: Audio File Size

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    Audio File Size

    Hi Geeks..Had an academic question.. Will put it staright... Have a file at 16Bit/44.1kHz and the instrument for which it was made had dynamic range from 50Hz -3kHz.
    How can I scale the file size to half....
    Shall I just change the sampling rate or the bit depth as well.
    Can you please suggest ..
    Thanks Cheers

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    Interesting question. What kind of file has a frequency (not dynamic) range of 50Hz to 3kHz?

    The sampling rate has to be a bit more than twice the highest audio frequency. In this case, it would seem an 8kHz sampling rate would be as good as 44.1kHz. IN THEORY! There are lots of variables. As for bit depth, that depends on the loudness range of the program material, and whether you need to keep it undamaged.

    If you're talking about an existing 16/44.1 file, the tricky part is making the alteration. Create a copy to play with, so you can't damage the original, and just experiment.

    'Course, if you really want to cut the size down, work in MP3 format.


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