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    Personal Introduction

    Hello, I Love This Site!

    To The Administrator, Thank You For Those Rigid and Rough Rules Of This Site. They Are Very Much Needed As I Too Have Grown Tired Of This Total Disregard For A Sense Of Professional Respect And Courtesy When Forums Are Being Used. If Users On This Board Show A Lack Of Respect For Themselves By Simply Self-Promoting Through Blind Posting And Linking To Their Services Without Taking The Time To Gain The Proper Respect In This Community Then Its Obvious The Actual Level Of Skill And Respect They Will Have For The Art And Craft Of Digital Imaging And Photography.

    I Just Recently Found My Old Minolta X-370 Camera along with the Electronic Power Winder Model M-1T Which Had Given Me The Urge Again To Snap Away And Set My Digital Camera Down For A Little While.

    I Will Be Here Reconnecting With Fellow Camera Users And The Digital Imaging And Photography Community While Offering My Knowledge And Expertise When And Where Ever I Can. Im Glad I Found This Site.

    Happy Shooting!

    Jamel L. Raines, MBA.

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    Hi Jamel,

    Welcome to MediaCollege - I do have one small piece of advice - could you write without capitalising the first letter of every word? It makes the post difficult to read, and some people may not reply altogether.

    Hope you enjoy your stay!


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    Hi Jamel, welcome and thanks for the kind comments. I hope you continue to enjoy the site.
    Dave Owen


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