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    Any way to rip DVD movies into my hard drive?

    I don't want to "pirate" any movies, but would like to rip DVD's that I bought into my computer so I can put them on my iPod.

    Are there ways to rip copy protected DVD's with many chapters/episodes etc?

    Which software allows me to do it? Is it legal?

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    In terms of legality, you're allowed to store a backup copy of disks that you own. Typically you're not allowed to copy disks for other people too, hence the copy-protection.

    In my personal opinion, I'd say you're allowed to create a copy for yourself to watch on a device that doesn't have an optical drive - i.e. your iPod. However, this doesn't mean that it's legal, so just be careful.

    Software-wise, I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

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    You can do it by using VideoCHarge Studio software

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    Hi there,
    Frankly speaking, copying Blu-ray discs especially for commercial purpose is absolutely illegal. But, on the other hands, if you simply want to store a backup copy of disc for your own entertainment or for some portable devices for playback, to take iPod as an example, that's no problem.
    There are various Blu-ray backup software if you search through Google Search Engine, but for my own experience using Blu-ray Ripper, I gonna take Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper into consideration.

    Best regards,

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    Any DVD

    I use a program called Any DVD to remove the encryption then I use Nero 9 to copy my discs.

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    This is still a hot topic it seems? Actually, the open source alternatives tend to be way better.

    This remind me of a dedicated ripping forum i used to visit, called doom9, they still got all the old tutorials for these free programs

    At the start, may seem really hard to get it done right. But once you know the basics, its all on rails..

    What they don't know, they wont sue you for! So lets cut the crap, who cares about the legality of making copies for own personal use? When it comes to DVDs or BlueRays that you have brought? I'm an advanced user myself, and the only thing which keeps me from ripping my movies to a harddrive, is my own laziness to get it done. (It takes to long)..

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    You can take the backup of it to any reliable software..

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