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    25/10 Lamb Weston Supreme - Win a Mac Book Pro YouTube Competition


    We're currently holding a YouTube competition to win a MacBook Pro. We're looking for entries of any style, be it recorded on a mobile phone or using top level equipment. The competition ends on the 25th of October 2010. For full details and rules please visit

    If you have any questions please reply in this thread and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Many Thanks


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    Apologies for the bump. We couldn't seem to edit the original post (please feel free to merge the two posts).

    We've updated the competition rules to make it a bit easier (and sillier) to complete an entry. The new part of the competition is the "potato face" entry type. Sing along to a song whilst doing the classic Red Dwarf potato face and a Mac Book Pro could be yours.

    For full details please visit

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    Apologies once again for the bump. We've extended the date of the competition to 24th December 2010.

    You can take a look at our current entries at:

    We're not expecting the highest quality, just have some fun and win a MacBook Pro!


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