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Thread: New Sony Camera

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    New Sony Camera

    Here's something new. I have not found nor read the full specs yet, I just found it interesting to share:
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    Thanks for the heads up!

    Following the gradually increasing usage of VDSLR technology in mainstream and indie productions (mainly on Canons), giant Sony cannot stand around idling and twiddling their fingers... and so the NEX generation of 'SLR' and 'VD' type camera bodies with interchangeable lenses.

    IMO this is good news for video ppl who use Sony Alphas, unless one is prepared to leave their dedicated lenses for the A-mounts and E-mounts.
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    Thanks! I did a quick summary but there seems to be a little confusion over some of the specs, e.g. whether or not there's a native progressive scan mode. I'm sure more details will emerge in due course. In any case it's an interesting development.
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