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    Hi there guys, a bit of help be appreciated. Huge thanks in advance...

    Greetings Dudes

    I just would like a little bit o' help if it's okay.

    Well basicly, I recorded some video clips on my phone and saved 'em on my SD card. I then inserted the card in me ol' lappy and transfered the files onto it.

    The issue's this:
    I have a buddy who wishes to view the amazingness that I've created, so I decided to Email it to him. He recieved the vids but can't actually open them, I guess.

    So I was wondering, is it because 'my' computer has my phones media installed?.. Because I can watch the files perfectly fine on my computer.

    Any suggestions would be super. Thanks fellas and fella'esses lol.

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    Hi there,

    You friend most probably do not have a suitable application to run the video. Most to all mobile videos are able to run on VLC. You can ask your friend to try downloading one (freeware). You can also check what kind of application (Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Real player, VLC) you open the video with, the platform (Windows, Mac OS or Linux). If need be, attach another video and see if he can see them.

    These are initial trouble shooting methods. Let us know if it works.
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