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    Which micro can record sound from a long distance ?

    Almost microphone can record sound from a near distance (> 20cm). Some dynamic microphone can't record sound far than a few centimets. So which micro can record sound from a long distance (2-10m). I see that some shotgun mic have 2 functions: normal and tele in order to solve this problem.
    What specifications decide on ability recording from a far distance of microphone ? Is that sensitivity ? The more the number of sensitivity is the better ?

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    The main thing that determines whether a mic is good with distant sounds is the pattern. The more distant the sound, the narrower the mic's pickup pattern should be. For very distant sounds, only shotgun and parabolic mics work.

    The normal/tele switch probably just changes sensitivity, but in a few models it changes pattern. Check the specs on the individual mic.

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    Can a dynamic microphone pick sound with a distance 30cm - 50cm ? I recognize that with a micro karaoke (dynamic micro), we should keep the mic very near our mouth (a few centimets), so it can pick up the sound.

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    A karaoke mic needs to be close to avoid feedback from the speakers. When you're recording, or any time when you don't have speakers in the same room, you don't have feedback. In such a case, a mic can easily pick up from 30-50cm. I've never seen one that's limited to, say, 3cm, except special close-talking mics intended for noisy environments.


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