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Thread: Steady Shots

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    Steady Shots

    Hello everyone.Here's to hoping that everyone is doing great.

    Guys, how can stabilize video footage that was taken by someone and is to shaky. Mostly hand-held footage. Is there a way of giving it a look to some certain extent like it was taken using a tripod?

    Note that i am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to edit.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Hi Obegun

    You can either use the Mercalli Plugin from ProDad or the NewBlueFX Stabiliser Plugin ..both work pretty well and will also work with CS5


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    Do you have After Effects? It comes with an image stabilizer. Whatever you use, it's best not to get too optimistic about the results until you try it. Sometimes it can work really well, often the footage is beyond repair. Good luck.
    Dave Owen

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    Good point from Dave too!! Remember that the software actually repositions your video to cut out the excess movement which means that the outside of the video frame needs to be cropped away and obviously also zoomed up to fill the original frame size. By zooming the image you then lose resolution so your "corrected" footage looks a lot "softer" than the original. Of course, the more movement that needs to be corrected the more the whole video will have to be cropped so the huge amount of zoom needed for a correct frame often gives disappointing results!!



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