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    Do you guys have any review on the second version of the ipad? Do you think it is a much needed upgrade if I have the first one? By looking at it, not much has changed but I am not quite sure with all the aspects they claim. I want to know just how much faster it is compared to its older companion. I do not fancy the smart cover by the way so that would not be much of a selling point if you ask me.

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    Several people I work with now have iPad2, which I was allowed to check out. I can't give you a true review since I've only spent 5 mins with it. Basically it's the same with the exception of the camera to do photos or videos, view forward or backwards and the ability for Facetime. Is it better than the original? Imho, not by much.

    I don't know if I missed anything since I only got play with it for 5 mins.

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    The iPad is certainly a nice bit of kit :-)

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