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    Digital recorder for movie featuring birds

    I am going to be making a short documentary about birds in California's Central Valley. I am leaning towards a separate digital recorder for the sound.

    My questions are (1)what is the best inexpensive recorder with XLR inputs (like the Zoom h4n or better) for this purpose

    (2) the best way to capture bird sounds (shotgun, parabolic dish), and (3) best way to sync sound between camera and sound.

    I've shot a lot of video but this requires excellent sound, obviously.

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    I've narrowed down my search

    I'm pretty well set on using a Zoom h4n to record the sound. I'm going to make a parabolic microphone from a dish from Edmund Scientific. I'm not exactly sure what mic to use, but it'll probably be an AT or a Rode, definitely a shotgun. Everyone in the bird recording world seems to favor a different model.

    There is a large set of websites out there that cater to wildlife recording, including the Wildlife Sound Recording Society. They have a plethora of stuff, with reviews of equipment as well as lists of parabolic dishes and so on.

    To make it cheap, I'm going to have my wife do the sound while I do the filming. I'm sure I'm not the first person to press relatives into this hobby of mine.

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    I have the Zoom h4n and it's a great piece of kit for a really good price. I don't think you're regret that purchase.

    Quote: Scottfs
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    I'm sure I'm not the first person to press relatives into this hobby of mine.
    Definitely not, as my own relatives can attest!
    Dave Owen


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