Video/Animation Contest for Brand Driven TV Company "Extended Registration Period"

Hy everybody!

We have a new challenge waiting for you. PAE Media, a brand driven TV company based in Beijing, is starting a new video/animation contest. PAE Media seeks a short animation that explains what “brand-driven TV” really is, in a creative yet simple way.

Contest Introduction
TV Advertising is exciting but limited, especially in China. New regulations limit ad time to only 15 seconds per ad; that’s not a lot of time to communicate brand values and give information on important topics, nor enough time to engage viewers with a product and its highlights. Besides, people watch TV because they want to be entertained. The slap-in-the-face kind of commercial break is often used to go grab a snack in the kitchen and come back in time for when the show continues.

Product placement was created as a new way of displaying a product during a show. Companies were told that sticking their product into a show, by having an actor hold their product, or simple placing the product into the background during a scene, would somehow drive consumer preference and influence their purchasing choices. But how likely is that?

Brand-Driven TV is different. It’s exciting. Entertaining. Authentic. Brand-driven TV makes the brand part of the story, an actor in the show, and weave brand information into the fabric of the story. Brand-driven TV shows don’t need logo placement or extensive branding because they create a setting for organically integrating a company’s products and communicate their brand messages in a subtle, yet powerful way. And this is what we do at PAE Media.

The winning project will be automatically nominated for the annual PAE Media Golden Goat Award in the Media category. Exposure all over China in diverse industries, management and corporation levels, prize money and yes, also a unique prize: A wonderfully fake iPhone.

Exposure. The clip will be launched with the new PAE Media homepage. It will be placed on full display on the website and it will be used in every PAE Media first contact presentation given all over China. Our clients are, in general, large international companies that are known for their strong interest in unique, innovative, and creative ways of communicating.

Prize Money. The winner will receive CNY 8,500 (or equivalent currency).

General rule: No branding other than PAE Media branding. You will receive a media package upon enrolling.

Time Line
Contest Period: Running for 14 days
Start: 9th of August, 2010
End: 23rd of August 2010
Contestant needs to: Register at PAE Media Contest Homepage

For further details and the registration link, please visit the contest homepage:


PAE Media Contest Team