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    [Tip] Restoring original video/audio with in/out points

    Dead simple tip for those times when you need to replace a section of video, audio, or video and audio with the original source files. This can happen when you've edited the audio in Soundbooth for instance, but you've realised you just want to start over again.

    If you're replacing video and audio, make sure the two tracks are linked (select one, hold shift, and then the other. Right click, and select Link). Make sure everything is deselected. Holding Shift and Alt, drag the original file back onto the timeline, hovering over the current footage, and let go. Done!

    The process is basically identical for video or audio, just use the icon for dragging video or audio only, and hold the Shift and Alt keys.

    What does the Shift key do? It keeps the in/out points
    What does the Alt key do? It makes Premiere replace the clip you're hovering over, rather than insert the clip 'on top' of the current one, ending up with the original file, plus the end of the edited one (if the lengths differ).

    This tip helped me out and saved me a load of time and trouble!

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    Thank you very much for this tip. I'm new to Premiere Pro and I think this is gonna be a life saver.

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    That tip will be really useful for me. thanx for this update.


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