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    from vhs beta to digital beta

    I'm looking for a company that transfers videos from vhs beta to digital beta

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    There is no such thing as VHS Beta!! There is Analog VHS format and Analog Betamax format (both out in the '70's) Both formats had horizontal resolutions of less than 200 lines so if you did digitise either one to an uncompressed format and then copy that to DigiBeta the quality would be somewhat awful.

    If it is good ole VHS then you would have to look at broadcast production houses as most domestic companies would only transfer to DVD or AVI and not likely to have the DigiBeta technology....I am assuming that this would be for broadcast anyway??? Not even the pros are likely to use DigiBeta only broadcast producers.

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    Yup - that's right, no such animal. It is either one or the other. If you have a Betamax tape, you will have a very, very hard time to find a place to make that transfer. And I can't stress enough how hard it will be to find a place.

    If you do find one, please post it here - you may be a hero to others...
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