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    Hello everyone! I recently purchased a JVC-GY110U model as my my first camera and I do have some difficulties with adjusting proper exposure. If I open Iris too much, I see a lot of vertical lines being highlighted.As I try slowly to close the Iris my main subject becomes dark. I'm referring to a indoor situation only at this time. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Check the manual first and see if the camera has "zebras" they are lines (usually diagonal) that simply appear only in the EVF to warn you that the scene is over-exposed where the lines are. They do not appear on the actual footage!! It's a common feature in most pro cameras so yours may have it. If you switch to auto do the lines still appear????


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    Hi Skrasnopolsky

    You are usually a live wire on this forum so I expected a snappy reply??? Did you sort out your problem yet???


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    I use a GY-HD201E (a UK model but essentially the same camera). I find that trying to assess exposure by either the veiwfinder or the monitor is terrible. Neither gives a very accurate view. However I have found that the auto exposure is in general very good. I trust to that, then lock off the lens. It works pretty well. For critical exposure, and focusing (no auto-focus as you'll know). I use an attached monitor. I do tend to use this as a second B roll camera though where I can set and forget. The stripy line are probably the Zebra pattern that will indicate high luminance exposure. You can set that to indicate just before burn out occurs or when it will be well and truly lost. If you haven't got a manual you can download one, or the relevant pages, from the JVC website.


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