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    hooking music equipment through tv speakers

    Has anyone out there experimented by trying to hook the likes of an music keyboard through a tv by using RCA Cables?
    I'm guessing its not advisable but I've done it,
    in theory it's just a case of hooking the rca (red and white) cables from the keyboard to the rca inputs on the tv to have the sound from the keyboard come through the speakers on the tv.
    there was a bit of hiss, not much though (I used red and white rca cables from a red/white/yellow to red/white/yellow) I'm guessing the hiss was just cause I didn't hook up the yellow video cable too.

    Any feedback on this from EXPERIENCE of doing this kind of thing would be much appreciated.

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    Not hooking up the video cable shouldn't have any effect. Can't see why it would, anyway. My guess is that the music keyboard just has some noise.

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