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    Where Can I Buy Domain,

    Hi William here, we are in the business of realtor, and along with my partner we have decided to have our own site so that all those who are in need of house, plot etc. doesnít need to visit our office for general information. They can go through our site and get those information and if things work out for them, then they need to contact as for further inquiry, we chose this way soon that both the people donít waste the time for simple inquiry. One of my friend suggested this domain Is there any more suggestion were I can have suitable domain related to realtors. My email id is



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    Don't get that one. It's for sale but likely to be more expensive than it's worth as it seems to have been picked up by a squatter. More importantly, .co names will certainly be mistaken for .com at least for the medium-term future so you'll lose visitors that way - especially as the .com version is being used by a realtor. You'd be better off finding a completely original domain name.
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